Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mesa Tumbleweed

No, i havent fell off the planet.......LOL. Ive been super busy trying to get my house in order. Ive ordered new furniture and it'll be here next week, so im trying to get the living room all ready for it. Ive painted over the pink :-O   I know , surprise, that just doesnt sound like me. Well as much as i love da pink, it was just too intense on the walls........Slipcovers for the DR arent ready just yet, so here's a few pics of the new LR color , I will share more of this room after the new furniture arrives....

Til next time friends........Joining Marty for "Tabletop Tuesday".


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Problem solved.......

As u all know, im busy re-doing the dining room. Ive finished the table and chairs, bought the benches , however the slipcovers for them arent quite finished. Penny came by today to do some measuring , and dropped off my new window treatment. U can see my dilema with the window here and get a glimpse of the table here. Im really happy with the way its all coming together so far. Penny really rocked this ballon shade though......

I know, thats probably overkill on the pics, but i was just tickled pink and giddy with the outcome........slipcovers coming soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Few more curious finds

Here's  a few more things ive found this week, which i simply fell in love with. .....I wonder what this young girl is thinking when this photo was shot.......................

I couldnt resist the old frame or the pink velvet matting........And isnt this little guy adorable, I dont know much about either piece, except theyre both old and oh dont they long to tell a story!

Ule being seeing them in their "forever" homes really soon........Have a wonderful day everyone......

One Thousand Blessings

  1. When the wind blows the opposite direction im walking
  2. Quiet after everyone goes to bed
  3. The smell of downy that lingers in the room , after you've changed the sheets
  4. apple pie
  5. afternoon breezes
  6. a surprise call from a friend
  7. walking barefoot in cool dirt
  8. long bathes
  9. "Mmmm, that's good mom
  10. dogs that snore, and husbands that dont, lol
  11. clean spoons
  12. long burning candles
  13. grannies afghan
  14. a text from my eldest
  15. or better yet, hearing his voice
  16. that first bite of an oatmeal raisin cookie
  17. talented doctors
  18. brown paint
  19. comfort food
  20. jelly beans
  21. good friends
  22. the smell after it rains
  23. rainbows on the sidewalk
  24. one last cookie in the pack
  25. cameras perserving sweet memories
  26. loud speakers
  27. spray paint
  28. sweet little girls
  29. my neice Taylor
  30. my sons Nate and Michael
  31. spaghetti that doesnt quite have enuff meat in in
  32. old dogs
  33. and cats
  34. high school memories
  35. a ph call from my husband

I hope some will join me in reading this awesome book. I will continue to add to "My List", and hope ule be inspired to make ur own..........

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A few curious finds

In my travels i sometimes come accross a few things that i simply have to have. My dear bloggie buddy Vanna over at "Delusions of Grandeur" hosts her flea market finds, some wonderful things , i might add. Inspired by her i thought ide show u all a few things that i bought this week.........First thing being these 3 beautiful tapestries.  I have a feeling that 2 of them will end up in the dining room............

The colors in this one are so striking, i think it'll be going into the patriotic guest room(another work in progress, lol).......The other 2 which are a romantic "garden scene" will be turned into pillows?....that i can move around when i get bored, each one measures about 76" by 36", big huh!

Mr. Aubusson aint got nuthin on "The Hopeless Romantic"......he he. Well enuff playin around , i gotta get back to work, I just finished painting the dining room table and im working on distressing it.......

Im very pleased with the way its coming along thus far...u can see the matching chair transformation here. Its so hot out, but gotta get back to dont forget if ur working outside drink plenty of water, and dont forget its AlWAYS cooler on the tile.....LOL