Sunday, May 12, 2013

Guest room Chandy

It's been a hard days night, and i been workin like a dog...ha, ha..............any way stick a fork in me, at least until tomorrow that is..Here's the chandelier as promised. I had these flowers just layin around so i thought ide play with them on the chandy...

 Im so happy with the way it turned out...My little guest room is coming right if i can just finish painting the door, LOL..Thanks for stopping and sharing in this simple little project with me....Bonnie

Decisions, Decisions

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother's Day...I know i have, Mr. Romantic made breakfast, did the dishes, and is working on the laundry, so i dont have alot of time here, ile have to check on him in a bit just to make sure a red sock doesnt end up in the whites, LOL...
Ive sure missed everyone, i know ive been hangin out in FB land and not posting enuff. So i think ile share what ive been up to today..The very shabby guest room, which u can see in my sidebar, has undergone a few changes today..Yea, ive been playin in there today, LOL...However i need ur help!  Can u spot the changes?

Yep, besides a few bedding changes, this lamp was the biggest change. When i put it here i instantly loved it! To think this adorable little lamp almost made the yard sale table....LOL..

Anyway, heres where i need ur help, i have and old frame which i painted pink, it looks beautiful in this room,  so i took a notion to hang it above the lamp, maybe placing a small mirror underneath. I quickly went to my art stash(everyone has one? right?) and this is what i narrowed it down to, but only one can make the cut...Please let me know which one u favor.....

Thanks for all of ur help, and ile let u know in my next post, promise it wont be months, LOL, how it turns out along with the new chandy and dresser in this room..........Happy Mother's Day!..........Bonnie