Saturday, November 26, 2011

Im Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hi everyone, I know ive been away for awhile, ive been having computer difficulties along with a few personal ones....just wanted to let everyone know im excited to be back to blogging. Ive missed everyone so much. Ive missed my computer so much. How did we ever survive without them before? lol. My niece has recently come to live with us. We are quite excited to have her here. Trying to get my son's old room fixed up for a girl has posed quite the challenges. As budget has permitted weve been doing quite a bit along and along. Which we will be sharing soon...........Also in the middle of reno-ing the desk area. Its time the "blogspot" got a make-over, lol...Hope everyone is doing well and had a great Thanksgiving! So ile leave u with a few pics of the finally finished dropcloth slipcovers and the new pillows to go with, i will post more dining room pics this week......Bye for now......Bonnie

Enjoy! See u soon.