Thursday, January 27, 2011

My little paint project, guess imma "diamondgirl"........

Friday finally came around, this girls ready to paint the town.........................Hi everyone, TGIF, well almost anyway.........I hope ule all join me for a party with Courtne and show off ur own "Feathered Nest". This duncan phife table i got cheap at a yard sale a long time ago. It must've sat in the garage for over a year , till finally id did something with it. The whole time i continued to paint it, i still wasnt sure of what niche it would find in my little cottage home. When the paint finally dryed, i proceeded to bring in my beautiful, newly painted table from the garage, and OMG, i didnt get far, as the garage is right off the kitchen, lol.........My kitchen may be small, however now it has an "island", he he...........Enjoy the pics, as im so happy to be sharing them. But stay tuned , ill soon be painting the kitchen and posting some pics of whats going on in the dining room.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Isnt it amazing the difference alittle paint can make?

Good morning and happy Tuesday. Im linking up for Kristen's "Tuesday's Treasures" this morning, with my newly painted french provencial dresser. Painted by me and my DIL. Enjoy the pics and when in doubt , just paint it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sometimes ya just gotta stop and smell the roses.................

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Linking today for Kristin's "Tuesday's Treasures". I know the painting looks alittle small in the pics, but it's really quite large, 24x36 to be exact. Enjoy.............This painting is truely one of my "treasures"!

I just couldnt resist posting my latest find. When i saw it , i was in love and knew i would take this painting home with me no matter how much it cost, lol.................What i wasnt prepared for was the price. When she said $375, i just knew i couldnt afford it and asked if i could do a layaway. The store owner looked at me as if i were insane............ Apparently i mis-understood, as it was only $3.75. I was thrilled!! Where do u find an origional oil for $3.75?  I knew i would probably be able to find a frame that it would fit. As u can see in my "Shabby french Re-do" this frame sits empty. I also have an empty white one on the opposite side of the bed. I really liked them empty. They are so architural all by themselves and can stand alone in any design. Well, i was playing around, an wa la,  it fit...........So the painting now has a home in a beautiful frame, now ill have to find one for the smaller white frame. Do ya think anyone will believe me when i tell them how much i paid???

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shabby chic master bathroom

This photo shows all of the wonderful light that shines in thru the "sun tunnel" which my handy Richard installed. Sorry about some of my butterscotch habbit lyin on the floor, LOL.

Ive re-located the rose picture to over the sofa , the ballerina pic now hangs in its place.

The rc-located closet....still tryin to figure out what to do about a door. Maybe a curtain?
 Hubby and i created this bathroom together..........we done most of the work ourselves. I chose most of the features of the bathroom. This bathroom use to be a very tiny bathroom with a walk-in closet next to it. Richard knocked down the wall in between and re-located the closet to the other side of the room. I really enjoy the heck outta this bathroom. Its my get away. I consider it one of the little luxuries in life.

Close up and shabby

Heres a few little snipits from my home. To me , its all about the detail. Thats whats really makes a room enjoyable.........Most every accessorie in my home has a story. I love collecting things that fit into my style of decorating. Old avon bottles and powder boxes, old picture frames, tin cans, hats, pins, u name it, i love it, LOL.

Stinky just loves Rachel Ashwell....................

I had these slipcovers made from a retired simply shabby chic pattern that i bought off ebay. Actually "Stinky" isnt allowed on the sofa, i guess he didnt get the memo though, lol. No, really, ive given up tryin to keep our stinky beagle off the sofa, thank goodness for slipcovers!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dining room chair transformation

Our dining room is currently undergoing a transformation...............heres a sneak peek at the chairs. Of course , its all part of my shabby chic style. I will be getting more pics of the dining room up next week. This project is very close to being wrapped up.

An unusual combination...........

Funky Junk Interiors


Copy Me Challenge

Linking up my "Funky Junk" inspired pillows.............i gave these a good washin first, lol.

Just kidding, lol,  not sure ide be brave enough for that!
 Awhile back i found this gorgeous roll of about 33yrds of of rose stretch lace. Im still thinking up things to do with it. I did manage to use alittle of it to have some pillows made. I found the burlap sacks at the local flea market for $2 each.........Yep, u guessed it, secrets out, "I cannot sew", LOL..........enjoy these.........