Monday, May 30, 2011

Outta the Picnic Basket

Hi all , i sincerely hope everyone is having a good weekend. Hoping to add to ur outdoor picnic fun, im sharing a fun, summer recipe. It's the kickoff of a new idea........ Ile feature an "Otta the Picnic Basket" recipe every Sunday....This one's not my brainchild, however , i believe ive tweeked just alil bit for the better.........Im making two today, since ill be visiting my sister later..... 

Its absolutely delishous and quite refreshing on a summer day......start with a few simple ingredients, like yogart, coolwhip, instant pudding, canned crushed pineapple, a bakery angelfood cake, and 1lb of fresh strawberries. For all the calorie watchers, yogart, coolwhip, pudding, and even the angelfood, can all be substituted with sugar-free.......

In a large mixing bowl, combine the yougart, pineapple, pudding, and coolwhip. Stir the heck out of it til its mixed really well.

Next in a large dessert bowl(this is a pretty dessert, lol, so use a pretty bowl) start ur first layer with cubed angelfood cake and sliced strawberries, then add a layer of the creamy mixture, keep doing this til the bowl is filled or ya run outta ingredients, lol.

Chill it for a couple hrs. , then serve on some really pretty plates... for a "grown up" variation of the recipe, lightly soak the angelfood cake for just a few minutes, in dark rum. Easy to do with a cookie sheet...........ENJOY and dont forget to stop by next Sunday, for another simple summer recipe thats right "Outta the Picnic Basket"!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Headboard Reveal

I know ur all prob tired of seeing the bedroom, but i promise this will be the last time for a spell........Weve finally finished the slipcovered headboad. Penny did an awesome job! I couldnt waite to show it to all of u. She also finished the curtain for the closet. Really happy i dont have to stare at the clothes anymore......But first a few Mother's Day flowers.......... I'll be joining Debbie for her weekly Newbie Party. Hope to see u there.

Now.....Drum Roll please.............