Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slowly, but surely

While some around here have time to just lay around, i can barely seem to catch my breath...So alot is happening here, Taylor is makin plans to move with her BFF and Michael will be coming home in about three weeks. So a change of plans is in order. Im so sad that my "minnie me" will be moving out soon, but at the same time im super excited that my eldest will be coming home for now the room at the end of the hall goes from a "French Boo dwa" to a "French Bach lure pad"......Still working on the floor, meanwhile Mr. Romantic decided that all the baseboards needed changing out, thus moving up my reveal time...Ok, break time is over, lol....but this working Mom will get it done "Slowly but Surely"!

Til next time..........Bonnie


sissie said...

Hi Bonnie,
Your home is so lovely and I can see that Kitty loves to pose. Mine do too and they also love to leave lots of kitty hair on my white chairs and pillows! LOL!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Such a pretty room--love the pillows. Love your couch--I have the same one. Your kitty looks like she has been taking too many breaks:)--my daughter loves fat cats (thinks they are the cutest!) so I'll have to show her. TFS!

NanaDiana said...

It is sad to see our daughters go out the door, isn't it? How nice that your son is coming home for a while!

I love the pictures of your room and don't you just wish you had a cat's life some days? xo Diana

Red Rose Alley said...

Guess what? I have that exact same picture of roses in my living room - only my frame is antique gold. Your room looks so lovely.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Sweet Melanie said...

I love 'em! Same lady make them? They're perfect and the paint color is beautiful! Love the touches of pink and the peak of that pretty blue-ish aqua nightstand makes me want to see more and more!

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